St Andrew's School

Ambrose Street, Rose Hill, Mauritius

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 8 Feb 1943 Founded by Father Alan Rogers in his study at the parsonage of St Paul's, Vacoas, under the blessing of Bishop Hugh Otter-Barry. It was a non-fee paying school, the first co-educational and only Anglican secondary school in Mauritius. There were 16 boys and girls as students at that time.

01 Mar 1944 The school moved to St Paul's Theological College opposite the present location in Ambrose Street, Rose Hill. This was made possible with the help of the Theological College. Enrolment rose to forty and pupils who could afford it contributed to the cost of their education. The school obtained 80% in the Junior Cambridge exams for which 7 boys and 3 girls had been entered.

May 1946 Canon Alan Rogers left, for health reasons, handing over the duties of Warden to the Rev. Thomas Pritchard, B.A.

Sept 1946 The 29-year-old Reverend Gordon Williams Mc Avan, A. K. C., Chaplain of Radley, took over as Warden, while Canon Rogers remained on the staff for a term as chaplain. Mc Avan was a man who would leave indelible marks on the school. By that time the school population was around 125.

9 Jun 1948 Laying of foundation stone by Sir Donald Mackenzie-Kennedy, Governor of Mauritius, thanks to funds donated by Sir Edgar Laurent.

15 Jun 1950 St Andrew's College Foundation is established by Ordinance No.30 of 1950 on the wish of Dr the Honourable Edgar Laurent, C.M.G., M.D., Lic-ès-Sc. To enable the building of the School to be completed and to provide secondary education for Mauritian youth of both sexes.

1952 The School entered its first candidates for the H.S.C. exams.

Jun 1961 In her Birthday Honours list, H.M. the Queen conferred the OBE on Canon Gordon Mc Avan in recognition of his devoted service to the cause of education.

Feb 1962 Owing to health problems, Canon Mc Avan went on leave and was not to come back, taking up instead parochial ministry in England.

Jul 1962 Mr John Russan, B.A., succeeds as Warden.

30 Nov 1964 On St Andrew's Day our benefactor, Sir Edgar Laurent, KCMG, laid the foundation stone of the school's chapel which was consecrated two years later by Bishop Edwin Curtis.

Dec 1967 Departure of the last expatriate staff and appointment of the first Mauritian Warden, the Rev. Rex Donat at the head of a completely mauricianised staff. He had been a pupil of the school from 1948 to 1954 and also a member of the teaching staff of the school in 1961.

Feb 1972 John Ng Lung Kit became the first laureate (science side) of St Andrew's. (He later obtained his FRCS from Edinburg Royal College of Surgeons and is today Managing Director of Clinique Mauricienne.)

1978 Marie-Lourdes Allysamba, our 'golden girl' and Gerard Macaque (mid distance runner), students of St Andrew's, represented Mauritius at the Universiades de Mexico.

May 1984 The Rev. Rex Donat vacated his post to become Bishop of Mauritius and was succeeded by Mr Donald Runghen, B.A., P.G.C.E., as Rector since the title of Warden was phased out.

1984 Sprinter Daniel Andre and field athlete Vivian Coralie took part in the Olympic Games in LOS Angeles.

1991 Mid distance runner, Sameer Moss of St Andrew's School is elected "Most promising athlete of Mauritius."

1 Oct 2000 Mrs Indira Manrakhan becomes the first lady Rector of St Andrew's on the retirement of Mr Runghen and the Rev. Michael Chuttooa was appointed as Manager of the school.

3 Feb 2003 Mrs. Couronne becomes Rector of St. andrew's School on the retirement of Mrs. Manrakhan

11 Feb 2003 Diamond Jubilee of SAS (1943 - 2003)
                   Launching of a Souvenir Magazine
                   Launching of the first school website

5 April 2006 Inauguration of new building
                  Ground Floor: Staffroom & Administrative Block
                  First Floor: 2 Libraries & 2 Computer Rooms

Sep 2006 Inauguration of new playing grounds: Basket Ball & Volley Ball pitches

8 Feb 2008 Kaneesh Munbodh beomes the second laureate (Science Side) of SAS



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